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Catching Up With Catherine: The Key To Breast Cancer Prevention

Join me on my quest for optimal health and graceful ageing by holding onto the vitality, energy and enthusiasm that I had in my...

Catching Up With Catherine: The Diabetes Crisis

From advanced to emerging economies, Diabetes is spreading worldwide to epidemic proportions. The WHO predicts by 2030 Diabetes will become the seventh leading cause...

Catching up with Catherine: Awaken To Alzheimher’s

Why is it that some strive for wellness; focusing on prevention, while others choose to play Russian roulette with their health? Who knows? I can’t...

Catching Up With Catherine: Taking On Telomeres

Ageing is easy…we all do it without even trying! It’s ageing with vitality, which is the challenge that demands commitment and discipline. The WHO...

Catching Up With Catherine: Foundations of Holistic Health

The term, health and fitness is often used in unison and those two words sit well together. However, how many of us place equal...
colorectal cancer

Colorectal Cancer: Don’t Become A Statistic

All cancers, including colorectal cancer, starts when cells in the body begin to grow out of control. Cells in nearly any part of the...

Lose The Lectins

My wellness guru-buddy Catherine Hanson-Farid put me onto cardiologist-turned-nutrition celeb Dr Steve Gundry who is Tony Robbins’ and super model Gisele’s personal physician and...
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